Monday, November 11, 2019

My husband and I found this dog running down Seven Pines rd. He did not have a collar and he does not have a microchip. He seems to be a Beagle/German Shepard mix. He has white speckles on his forepaws. He is neutered, and his ears, eyes, and fur is clean and his nails are short, so I think he's someone's pet and that he hasn't been out very long. He probably belongs to someone in the area of Westbrook, Chatham Hills, etc.

If anyone needs to contact me, they can email me at this address ( or call my husband Adam at 614-464-7132.

This puppy followed my boyfriend down our walk and slipped by him into the house when he opened the door to come in. We live on Carpenter between Dirksen Pkwy and Milton St, so we don't want to turn her out. We don't want her to get run over by a car. The neighbors don't recognize her. We don't want to take her to the pound or apl because resources are stretched at both facilities. Please help us reunite her with her human(s).


Here's what we know/suspect...


Species: canine


Gender: female (not spayed)


Color: black and white with just a tiny splattering of brown


Suspected breed: chihuahua mix (has rather long legs)


Suspected age: puppy - probably under 6 month - still has puppy teeth


Found wearing a tan collar - no tags.


Area found: Carpenter St between Dirksen Pkwy and Milton St


Contact: Teresa


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