Monday, November 11, 2019

Feral Cat Mass Trapping Program


The APL Spay/Neuter Clinic is focused on helping to control the feral cat population through aggressive spay and neuter. Studies have shown that TNR can stabilize the size of a colony if at least 70 percent of the adults are neutered. Results are more immediate if caretakers are able to trap a large majority of the colony at once.  Individuals caring for a colony of 5 or more cats may make an appointment with the APL Spay/Neuter Clinic to be trained on how to correctly and safely perform a mass trapping. Once training is completed, the Clinic will loan traps and trap forks, arrange volunteer help if needed and schedule surgical slots for the number of cats you plan to trap. Our goal is to help walk caretakers through the process of a mass trapping and to assist them in any way that we can. We have provided links below to the paperwork that is required for caretakers who wish to participate in our mass trapping program. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment or a training session, please call 217/789-SPAY (7729).

You may download all of our forms by clicking on the links below.  If you have any questions about how to fill out the forms please call us at 217/789-SPAY (7729).

Training Schedule:
Please call 217/789-SPAY (7729) to find out when our next available workshop is being held.


A brief overview of APL's Feral Cat Program describing services provided, duties of a colony caretaker, information on ear-tipping and borrowing traps, and what to do if you are bitten or scratched by a feral cat.

Provides basic information on how to set up a feeding schedule, how to go about trapping and what to do after you trap the cats. Includes a listing of supplies and do's and don'ts of trapping.

The caretaker agreement and registration form must be read and signed by each caretaker. This document lists the terms and conditions that must be meet and agreed upon to qualify for APL's feral program. The registration form will gather important information about the caretaker, including contact information about the colony itself, including location, number of cats, etc. Feel free to download these, read them, fill them out and bring them with you to the clinic.

This document details the requirements and provisions that must be met to borrow live traps from APL. This document will be filled out and signed at the time the traps are borrowed. There is no need to fill this out prior to coming to the clinic.

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